August 2010

Changes - My offered sites are offline with the exception of "About Us" and "Whispering Winds"

"Missing" is just a dialogue page of leaving and newly created as the passing of former links.

I apologize if it is an inconvenience, but seriously, I doubt they were visited much, if at all. I am retiring from my websites, but I have not gone away.

~ Peace and Forever Dreams ~

May 2008

Sometimes the path we take isn't clear as we'd like.

Those brave enough to continue, may find the path treacherous in some ways.

There are not always answers for the questions we ask along our journey, but we continue. Exploring the possibilities is one way to endure, knowing the mists will lift eventually and there will be a brighter clarity.

Glittering softly ahead somewhere, is the place we travel as it waits for us to discover.

That being said, be careful where you step, be gentle with learning all there is and enjoy even the fogginess that consumes for the moments of time.

October 2006

The newest link is NwN Classifieds. A forum board for Neverwinter Classifieds, a brainstorm helper idea from Her Infernal Majesty (that would not be me.) My part is to host the board and pretend I know what I'm doing.

Recap -

Oct 29, 2006 - Whispering Winds is back up, but skins not implemented, nor the logo.

Oct 20, 2006 - Whispering Winds is currently down and being worked on due to a corrupted database. Further information will be forthcoming. Again - Patience, please.

Whispering Winds is a tavern in Zabea, but this link takes you to the Winds Forum board for stories and writings. Some do take place in the Winds, some do not.

ZABEA link will take you to the page giving information of the Neverwinter Nights module.

Sidlyn's Music and Midis - are not mp3s obviously, but are music and midi files available to listen to as well as lyrics to sing along if you so choose.

Favorite Links - self explanatory. It has not been updated in some time, so some links may be broken. Do send me email if so. If the links are not working, please be patient - as usual.

That said, do look around and enjoy.

With the rebuild of the Winds in ZABEA, one can actually enter the tavern with the proper means. Learn how to get to ZABEA and explore this new land by using the above link.

September 2004

Things are still changing and yes, very slow to make the news. Not like there is a lot to mention, but again, so you know, there are things going on.

Zabea has been the main focus during the past few months. Module changes and updates have priority at this time. And because of this, the need to update just a few things to the site here..

June 2004

Very slow changes to be seen. Most work has been unseen, but now, some visible. In this visible change, the link buttons have changed - a little. Of the above links, Favorite is not working at the moment. It is going through some changes. And of course, the blank one will take you no where. Stop clicking on it.

October 2003

Changes are beginning. Some seen, some unseen. It is a slow process but it is happening. In life, in dreams, in heart - new beginnings and old endings.

Visit the Whispering Winds, a new area of Elusia. A safe haven of sorts, with wandering souls that listen, some that speak.

March 2001

Sorry to say, but until further notice, the Realm of Elusia is closed to the public.

To reach the midi pages and other links that are favorites, please use the links above.

The Webmaster wishes to thank everyone for stopping by.

~ Peace and Forever Dreams ~

since October 08, 2000