Sometime Long Ago . . .

Elusia is a realm created long ago in the mind of The Creator after creating the main character, Teira. And this, well before playing online.

When the character evolved online on a Commodore computer, it was an exciting bit of roleplaying using words to describe everything - movements, looks, surroundings. It was somewhat a novel in the making, but never published.

Teira's life began to achieve history, which presented the realm of Elusia where her kinfolk and elder resided.

Fascinatingly, none could enter the realm unless they were of the 'Elder' blood, being Elusian. Unless, of course, a trueblood brought an outsider in. Again, all done by words. And even to this day, only one Outsider ever got to visit Elusia. Shendai being the one love in her life that will exist timelessly as she does.

This gave me, the creator, a playground of another land out of the places where people congregate - and keep a preservation of her life seperate.

Elusia is a magical place. It consists of a merging of magic, medieval, and a tad futuristic where needed. Not all Elders possessed the gifts of a trueborn Elusian, but those that were, keep the realm alive. And the realm, in turn, kept Elusians alive.

Although there were descriptions of the land so those that read any of my pieces as I call them, could envision somewhat, I doubt that I could have explained it all.

After Commodore was phased out, the character was brought online to a PC, in IRC, no less. And Teira's life continued even after some very difficult times.

The realm layed dormant while in IRC, but a tavern was created that resided in an area close to Elusia. That would be the start of Whispering Winds.

Staying in contact over the years with a friend from the original roleplay, she convinced me to come play in Neverwinter Nights. My friend Bloodsong has been a most important part of Teira's life (and mine), although with another name to start.

Somewhere in this time, I decided I wanted to own my fantasy land and bought the domain that I created. Elusia.

The original intent was to create Elusia for all to see exactly what I built in my imagination. It didn't quite turn out that way, as I still keep Elusia a private place to reside. An escape when needed.

And then I was taught how to use the Toolset in NwN by Bloodsong. Oh what a fascination of imagery in this! I created the Whispering Winds tavern... and that, eventually was built in the land of Zabea (Zeph and Blood's Exciting Adventure) - which was Bloodsong's server and giving me a bit of the land to help build. Zeph or Zephyra was one of my playing names.

The Whispering Winds tavern was quite a bit of fun in the server ZABEA, played in NwN. But the server ZABEA was incredible, thanks to Bloodsong who has a grand talent much more than I could ever keep up with. But she kept me busy and learning. (Thank you, Blood)

So here... in the domain of Elusia, the Whispering Winds forum board represents the tavern, as well as all the travelers and their stories, in and out of Zabea and the tavern. Even from other realms, those that cared to share their stories have posted.

And because Elusia is a place of 'elusiveness' and 'illusions', there are links to things I've had the pleasure to explore. Such as the weddings in Blackstone Keep (another server) that I had been participant in. And the music/midi files that I tinkered with creating. And Bloodsong's forum to help create more things in NwN Forums.

Who knows what else might be created here. It's just another bit of imagination.

The Webmaster wishes to thank everyone for stopping by.

~ Peace and Forever Dreams ~